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Total Costs

All prices are quotes in Singapore Dollar (SGD) and does not include the minimum transport fee of 20 SGD & food and drink if your project is an event. Immediate friends & family discount of up to 10% off is available .

Event photography 100+ final proofs

2 Hour minimum, total number of proofs depending on event. Minor editing 4-6 business days for final product.

Photoshoot, 45-50 final proofs

1 hour session, may be prorated. Contact for multiple locations/extended time. Minor editing 4-6 business days for final product.

Professional Headshots, 5-7 final proofs

30 minute in studio session, minor editing 4-6 business days for final product

Graduation Photography, 30-35 final proofs

Max 1 hour, additional $15 for every 15 minutes exceeding, minor editing, 5-7 business days for final product. Email for group pricing. 

Engagement Shoot

2 hours, additional $20 for every 15 minutes exceeding, 8-10 business days for final product. 

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